Investment Strategy

Our core investment fields are mainly concentrated on the upgrade and transformation of the traditional industries of “6 Flows” (capital flow, material flow, information flow, technology flow, personnel flow and process flow), and the reform of "8 Livings"( work, education, entertaining, safety, healthcare, family and social, transportation and environment, trading and financial management) by new emerged technologies or innovations of business models. We believe the coming of the age of Internet of Value will help these two upgrades happen, so technologies of this trend such as Blockchain, digital banking, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, and consumption upgrade, etc. will be our key focus areas.


Around the "6 flows", we invest in innovative, revolutionary, disruptive and sustainable technologies with a huge potential market.


Excellent execution capabilities and leading technology.

360º Support

We seek to provide capital, guidance and other resources endorsed by our Group companies that entrepreneurs need for success.

If your company likes us to consider for investment, please submit your proposal and introduction to us!

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Meet our Management

"Through smart partnerships we can be more innovative and together accelerate the shift towards a better business and life."

Jack Lee

Jack Lee

Founding Managing Partner

Ga-Lane Chen

Ga-Lane Chen


Our Portfolio

Many companies have trust in our team

Abra is a Silicon Valley based startup company which builds the world’s first decentralized digital cash peer-to-peer payment network on top of Cryptocurrency Ecosystem.
A world leading CMOS sensor designer with a solid technology, providing CMOS sensors for various applications.
Digital Currency Group
DCG is an investment company focusing on incubation and seed-round investment of block chain finance and digital currency companies. Founded in 2012, it has invested 65 cases in 20 countries or regions.
An emerging internet consumer finance company, providing innovative consumer financial services for manufacturing blue collar workers, such as installment loan for purchasing electronics. It also provides consumer financing for gold collar people.
BenGeGe Recycling is the first Chinese internet company who has combined machinery technology, biotechnology and living environment recycling industry together.
Chained Finance
Chained Finance Ltd. is a newly invested company aiming to provide on-time demand and better cost solution for supply chain finance to global SMEs, helping the suppliers streamline their AP/AR working capital management by deploying Blockchain technology and on-line automation platform.
Julije Care
Juliye Care is a "Internet + healthcare" company trying to create a market-oriented, cross-regional, inter-hospital medical services and pharmaceutical e-business ecosystem.
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