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HCM believes the internet brought efficiency in data collection and processing, the lacking component is digital trust among counterparts

Currently, there are many pressing issues facing the world such as climate change, global pandemics and economic recessions among others. It is our duty as venture capitalists to strive to alleviate these pressing issues from the ground up. Through empowering the brightest, experienced entrepreneurs; HCM Capital has already proven its ability to transform markets through sophisticated capital deployment. Looking forward, the firm’s strategy continues to evolve as a new mission is instated to leverage emerging technologies for the improvement of the human condition while generating compounding returns. Just as the sextant led the way for the voyages across the Atlantic, data is the navigant in the information era with stronger analytics leading to decisive objectives. Over the past five years of exploration, blockchain technology has demonstrated itself key to building a better future for both individuals and enterprises by instating digital trust that removes the need for middlemen.

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Our Investment Sectors

Financial Innovations
HCM believes financial systems are being gradually replaced; Any technology company can offer financial services through APIs and cloud services.
Blockchain Utilizations
HCM believes blockchain creates programmable money and value transfer for business use; Truth based protocols will reform business models to bring prosperity.
Data Applications
HCM believes data became the ‘new oil’ with AI being the ‘gasoline’ to power business success; HCM believes many sectors are still untapped, i.e. medical data and agriculture.
Interconnectivity of Things
HCM has observed an increase in smart devices in home, work and city infrastructure; Secure devices are needed to manage the private data back to the owners.
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